We’re very excited to show you how to prepare another one of our favorite Keto recipes, which we make every week in our Instant Pot!

Székelykáposzta is a traditional Hungarian dish, which can probably best be translated to Pork and Sauerkraut Stew or Hungarian Cabbage Stew. This is, of course, the fully Keto approved version!

The following ingredients are for 6 servings:


  • 2000g Sauerkraut
  • 800g pork shoulder (or beef) cut in cubes
  • 150g Spicy Hungarian sausage (optional, but highly recommended)
  • 40g bacon or ham
  • 10ml olive oil
  • 15g chopped onions
  • 15g paprika powder
  • Sea salt or pink himalayan salt
  • Ground black pepper
  • Optional, when it’s done: Some sour cream or grass-fed butter


Here is how we prepare it with the Instant Pot:

1Start by sautéing 40g of bacon or ham in the Instant Pot with some olive oil. After two minutes, when the slices become a little crispy, add the chopped onions and mix well.

2Shortly after, mix in the pork shoulder cubes and the Hungarian sausage (optional), cut in slices. Keep the Instant Pot on Sauté mode (you can turn this on and off when you feel like it’s getting too hot), add some salt and black pepper to taste and mix well until the meat gets a little white.

3Drain the water from the sauerkraut and add the sauerkraut into the pot. Mix it in with the meat, so you don’t have all of the meat stuck to the bottom.
Keep adding paprika powder and some more salt and mix well, until the sauerkraut gets a nice, slightly orange color.

4Now you need to add approximately 1 cup of water (cold or boiled if you want to save time), depending on the size of your Instant Pot. Now it’s time to let the Instant Pot do it’s thing. Put the lid on, move the valve to “sealing” and set it to 45 minutes under high pressure.

5Once it’s finished, press cancel and use the quick release by moving the valve to “venting”. You’re done! Mix everything well one more time and start serving. Now that you have your portion (the recipe makes 6 in total) in a bowl, feel free to add some full fat sour cream – just watch the extra carbs when adding too much – grass-fed butter or olive oil. Bon Appétit!

Nutritional Value per portion:

35.6g protein
27g fat
3.3g net carbs (9.9g total carbs)
431 calories

We’re sure you can also prepare the recipe in a slow cooker (probably around 6 hours of cooking time) or in a big pot on the stove (approx. 2+ hours on medium heat according to some recipes), but we’ve never tried preparing it that way ourselves. Sadly Zsófi’s grandma (who we have the recipe from) could only tell us that she cooks it until the meat is tender, but has no idea about the exact cooking time…

We hope you like the recipe as much as we do!

And in case you’re interested, we’re using the 6L “IP-DUO60” Instant Pot.
We’ve had it for over 1,5 years now and can’t recommend it enough, as we use it every day.

Please let us know in the comments, either here or on YouTube, how the recipe turns out for you!


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