Keto Liver Meatballs – Nutrient dense and delicious

Keto meatballs are our favorite way to include nutrient dense organ meats like liver in the Ketogenic Diet! Ingredients: 200g grass-fed beef or lamb liver, 600g grass-fed beef, 30g coconut flour, paprika powder, sea salt, ground cinnamon, two garlic cloves, coconut or olive oil 1. Preheat the oven to 175°C or 350°F 2. Blend 200g grass-fed lamb or beef liver in a...

Our favorite Keto Pizza recipe

We have tried many Low-Carb Pizza recipes in the past, but this is by far our favorite Keto Pizza recipe! You don't have to miss Pizza any more on a Ketogenic Diet! Instructions: 1. Preheat the oven to 200°C or 400°F 2. Mix 100g almond flour, 60g coconut flour, 16g ground psyllium husk, 1 tsp garlic powder, 2 tsp Italian herbs, 1/2...

Keto Bread – How to make Keto bread rolls

Here is how to make Keto bread rolls! If you're craving for bread on the Ketogenic Diet, this is the perfect replacement. These Low-Carb Keto buns (or rolls) are very easy to make and can be a great meal replacement or snack. We like to top ours with butter or cream cheese, sea salt, bacon and cheese. They're also great...

Keto Ice Cream

Keto ice cream is one of our favorite desserts on the Ketogenic Diet. You only need very few ingredients and the whole thing takes less than five minutes. Just make sure you have some frozen berries on hand. Plus, each serving has only 6g net carbs. We like to use blueberries, raspberries or a mix of the two, as they're...

Keto Porridge – delicious breakfast alternative to Oatmeal

I really love this Keto porridge either for breakfast or as a quick meal when I have to hurry. Takes less than five minutes and it's delicious! Note: The (stevia-sweetened) vanilla whey protein powder & the dark chocolate are optional ingredients. Also, your whey protein powder might be sweeter than mine, so you might not need to add any erythritol/stevia.