Here are the Top 4 Keto Mistakes to Avoid

Here's what I believe to be the 4 biggest Keto mistakes many people commonly make. We even made all of these ourselves during our 3 year Keto journey. Top 4 Keto mistakes we made (and you should avoid): 00:13 1. Doing regular Carb-Ups 01:21 2. Not keeping carbs low enough 02:16 3. Ignoring calories 04:12 4. Fear of eating too much protein

Keto Q&A #1 – Sweeteners, Carb Cycling, Intermittent Fasting, Pre-workout, Protein intake

00:33 What alternative sweeteners do you recommend? Note: I have since then replaced Xylitol with Stevia & Erythritol, which have 0 effect on blood sugar! 01:37 Why is your channel called mostlyKeto? Do you cycle carbs around your workouts? 03:33 What do you do pre-workout to improve your performance in the gym? 04:37 What do you think about intermittent fasting the next morning after a...

Increased risk of Kidney Stones on a Ketogenic Diet?

Are you at a higher risk of developing kidney stones on Keto compared to a high-carb diet? You can actually expect quite the opposite, since a Ketogenic Diet is naturally low in all kinds of sugar and keeps insulin levels down. We know since 1967 that the breakdown of fructose can raise uric acid levels very quickly. Table sugar for example...

Our most used cooking appliances – Make cooking on Keto easy

Today we're talking about the importance of having the right kitchen appliances, or the right equipment to make the process of preparing delicious Ketogenic meals as enjoyable as possible. I know this might not sound like an important topic, but in my opinion it is. And it's something that almost nobody talks about. I'm also going to show you some...

Minimalist Keto Livestreams – Q&A: Fasting, Why we’re doing Keto, Low Ketones, etc.

We had a lot of fun answering some of your questions during our three livestreams over the past few weeks. We covered fasting, why we've been doing the Ketogenic Diet for over 2.5 years now, reasons for doing Keto that have nothing to do with weight-loss, the importance of keeping your carbs low to get into Ketosis and many more. We...