Pre & Post Workout on Keto – My experience

This is about a question that I often get, which is what what to take/drink/eat before and after working out. My mindset about this has changed a lot over the past few years, so I wanted to share my own experience. Who knows, maybe you can relate to this. Before starting Keto 1,5 years ago, I used to be obsessed...

Full Day of Eating Keto For Weight Loss | Mostly Carnivore

Why am I not losing weight on Keto? We get this question all the time. This full day of eating Keto video is for women and men trying to lose weight on the Ketogenic Diet. Zsófi made this video, so this day of eating Keto from a female perspective might be especially helpful for women. Today I (Zsófi) would like to...

How to Stop Cravings on Keto

Today we’re tackling how to get rid of sugar cravings & carb cravings if you’re just staring out on the Ketogenic Diet, but also how to stop cravings for sweets that are Keto friendly, which can still cause problems for some people. Let’s get into sugar & carb cravings first. When you’re starting out on Keto and your goal is to...

How to start a Ketogenic Diet the right way

Your nutrition is by far the most critical part of your results - no matter whether you want to lose fat, get healthier, build muscle or simply have more energy - you will not get any closer to your goal if you neglect it, no matter how much you’re exercising. You CAN NOT out-exercise a bad diet. You can eat...

Fasting for 72 Hours – Working Out Fasted & Fasting Staples

Zsófi just finished her first 3 day fast! In the video she tries her best to give you some advice on how to best approach fasting for 72 hours (3 days), so you have some ideas on how to do a long fast like this. She also talks about her expectations for the 3 day fast, she goes over her...